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Waste water heat is an underutilized energy resource that can help overcoming the climate crisis. MCS Data Labs is part of a EU-funded research project that develops a waste water heat radar for the City of Berlin.

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MCS Datalabs is project partner of DECIDE project

Project DECIDE: Digital Consulting, Data Integration, Decision Making and Empowerment. MCS Datalabs is project partner of DECIDE project "Integrated Digital Solutions for Oncology". The aim of DECIDE is to develop a web platform for secure data integration, telemedical communication and…

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Leveraging Wastewater Heat

The Berlin REFLOW Pilot The REFLOW Pilot cities are progressing activities which aim to explore, analyse and embed circular practices in key local industries. In Berlin, their focus is wastewater heating. This overview presents the latest from a Pilot that…

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MCS Presents to Berlin IT Community

As part of the series ‘Companies Introduces Themselves’, MCS Data Labs presented to the Berlin-Brandenburg IT community. The event was held by SIBB, Berlin-Brandenburg’s leading association for IT and internet organizations. In his presentation MCS’ CEO Suheib Mousa focused on…

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Deep Tech Award 2016

Networking the physical with the virtual world is rapidly moving forward. Technologies developed around the internet of things (IoT) equip objects of everyday life and the commercial world with sensors, actuators and software, giving them network connectivity and turning them…

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