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DECIDE Project Clinches First Place in”Deutschland – Land der Ideen” Competition in the field of healthcare.

DECIDE project, has earned the esteemed “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” award. A key to this achievement is the technological prowess of MCS Data Labs GmbH, in collaboration with DECIDE Partners.

MCS Data Labs GmbH has notably contributed to the DECIDE project by providing a sophisticated technology infrastructure encompassing wearable devices (SmarKo), backend systems, and a”cross-platform”(iOS and Android) mobile app. SmarKo, developed by MCS Data Labs GmbH, is crucial in recording health and motion data as well as implementing interactive features such as questionnaires and feedback mechanisms in cooperation with Institute of Sports Medicine and Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and integrated with decision support system developed by Fraunhofer ITWM.These functionalities are integral to DECIDE, offering essential user interaction and engagement, and forming a core aspect of its innovative approach.

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