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‘Manny’ a virtual robot, simulates falls in large quantity, thereby delivering data that otherwise are hard to obtain from patients.


Supporting MCS’ flagship development SmarKo® this project aims at significantly outperforming existing fall sensors.
Falls in elderly people have become an increasingly alarming issue causing societal and economic harm. Early treatment or better, prevention, are not hot contested areas for tech developers.

REPEAT is MCS’ newest and most ambitious proprietary R&D project. It directly links to MCS’ SmarKo® hardware and software ecosystem. While SmarKo provides the foundation for (health) monitoring and contains a customizable sensing system suitable for numerous health conditions, REPEAT targets monitoring and prediction of falls in people.

Falls with severe consequences are most common among the 65+ population. While the number of accident-related falls is high, falls often are symptoms of varous underlying health conditions. As such, patients with different conditions and multi-morbidity will benefit from REPEAT.

Within REPEAT a virtual robot (‘Manny’) performs a large amount of false, thereby allowing for a much refined monitoring and prediction algorithm. This in turn shall ultimately lead to less societal stress and reduced per-patient treatment cost.

With REPEAT the company bets on the strategic relevance an advanced algorithm will have on the continued competitiveness of the SmarKo®  platform.

For more details, see Press Release.

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