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Inefficient material flows in today’s interconnected economies cause high stress to the environment and available resources. Raw materials are shipped over large distances, processed at various locations and consumed at again different locations. In addition, too often ‘waste’ remains unused when in fact it could be re-used or recycled.
Within the framework of five European pilot cities, one of them being Berlin (Germany), the REFLOW project explores possibilities (i) to establish circular material workflows for selected processes, (ii) to measure the impact and thereby (iii) posssibly arriving at solutions that can be adopted by other European cities.

The European Commission fully funds this project with about EUR 10 million. Within the REFLOW project, MCS’ primary role is that of a technology partner within the Berlin City pilot. The city’s large water utility company. Main objective of the pilot study is to reduce unused heat from waste water.

MCS is a technology partner within the Berlin pilot. The company will develop an application for third parties to track Key Performance Indicators and other parameters. The combined efforts of pilot partners are aimed at encouraging other European cities to explore efficient waste water usage within their municipalities.

Other cities that participate in REFLOW are Amsterdam, Cluj-Napoca, Milan, Paris and Vejle.  Each city has unique focus areas, but they share the same technical backbone, workflows and mission.

Recover wastewater heat with the new REFLOW Wastewater Heat Radar.

Download REFLOW press release.

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Latest News: REFLOW finishes its first of three years successfully

REFLOW project partners

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 820937
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