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MCS Data Labs presents at MedTec Europe 2017

MCS was invited as one of twelve eHealth startups to present at MedTec Europe 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. MCS’ CEO Suheib Mousa presented the SmarKo Health© System to an audience of investors, eHealth experts, exhibition visitors and journalists.

Mousa focused on the customization that is possible within the unique SmarKo© hardware and software system. While currently the system contains a pain management component, efforts are underway to integrate third-party diabetes diagnostics instruments from third parties, expected to be finished by end May 2017.

SmarKo© is laid out such way that it can be used for multiple and specific purposes, using FHIR as a main standard. This ensures a wide variety of third party devices can attach to the system and deliver data from patient to doctor.

Mousa also stressed the real-time communication functions in real-time audio, video and texting, as well as automatic and manual alerts.

SmarKo© itself contains its own hardware device, a wrist wearable that is mainly used for collecting and transmitting vital data, including motion data. It can be used as a stand-alone or complementary to specialized third party devices. ‘The SmarKo© wearable is a sleek device that itself can be customized. Numerous, specifically needed functions can be integrated on a very small space’, said Mousa.

Following the 5-minute pitches, an international jury provided comments and suggestions to the teams.

MedTec is a leading European medical exhibition, conference and trade fair. 601 exhibitors participated from 76 countries. Almost 5,000 matches were generated. The event serves as a trading, networking and learning platform. eHealth will continue to be a focus at MedTec Europe 2018.

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