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Deep Tech Award 2016

Networking the physical with the virtual world is rapidly moving forward. Technologies developed around the internet of things (IoT) equip objects of everyday life and the commercial world with sensors, actuators and software, giving them network connectivity and turning them into smart objects. It’s estimated that by 2020 the world could have as many as 21 billion networking objects. For the IT economy such new connectivity represents an opportunity to use innovative solutions and products to leverage the immense added value potential inherent in sectors such as industry, trade, logistics, energy, mobility and healthcare.

60,000 Euro Prize Money for IoT Solutions and Products from Berlin

The IT industry association SIBB e.V., the Business Apps Network and the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research wish to honour innovative hardware and system-related software from Berlin with at least three “Deep Tech Stars” and prize money to the total value of 60,000 Euro. Within the framework of the Projekt Zukunft state initiative and the “log in. berlin.” campaign, they are calling for submissions for the Deep Tech Award which this year are being held for the second time.

What they are looking for is proven, application-oriented solutions and products based on software or hardware in the field of the internet of things that are distinguished by their high level of innovation and their excellent potential for future use. These can include, for instance:

  • Devices
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Networks (low-power/short-range, low-power/wide-area)
  • Processes and architectures
  • Operating systems
  • Platforms
  • Device management (device monitoring, firmware and software updates, diagnostics, error analysis and reporting, physical management & security management)
  • analytic tools, algorithms, event stream processing and analysis models
  • Standards and APIs
  • Security technologies for devices, operating systems, platforms and communication channels

In evaluating submissions, the jury will take account the level of innovation, possible USPs, benefits and added value from the user perspective, together with existing market potential, data protection and data security concepts and design.

The competition entries will be reviewed by a jury of independent experts:


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