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MCS Presents to Berlin IT Community

As part of the series ‘Companies Introduces Themselves’, MCS Data Labs presented to the Berlin-Brandenburg IT community. The event was held by SIBB, Berlin-Brandenburg’s leading association for IT and internet organizations.

In his presentation MCS’ CEO Suheib Mousa focused on (i) the real-time communication within the SmarKo© Health system as well as (ii) the wearable device that collects, analyzes and transmits vital data. About 35 members attended the 90-minute event. Questions centered about the hardware device and its customizability. Another topic was data privacy and security which take a high priority within the SmarKo© development.

SIBB e.V. was established in 1992. It counts about 250 members that include IT and software providers, telecom organizations, the digital economy, universities and research organizations.

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